Why David Energy?

Take Your Power Back

In the past, we never spared a thought for where our energy came from. You powered your home or business without thinking about how much it would cost, where it came from or whether the service you paid for would be reliably provided.

Today, that is not true, thanks to higher energy prices, more grid blackouts, and the growth of new, distributed systems like solar, batteries, electric vehicles, heat pumps and more changing how we power our lives. With these shifts comes an opportunity for you to save money, get smart about how to cleanly and efficiently power your home or business, and take your power back. How? With David Energy – the single operating system for all your energy needs.

Our Philosophy

At David Energy, we believe it’s possible to build a cleaner, cheaper, more resilient electricity grid while giving control to customers. We are all about the possibility of and, not the limitations of or.

Leveraging the power of software, we enable you to lower your energy bills and reduce the frequency of power outages and shrink your carbon footprint and have more control over how you power your home or business. Stop limiting yourself to or and consider the possibility of and with David Energy.

Our Platform

Our intelligent software platform seamlessly integrates with all of your smart devices and responds automatically to real-time changes in energy markets while taking into account your personal preferences and other system constraints. You reap the benefits of lower monthly energy bills, access to data and insights on your usage, savings, and emissions, and a high performing operating system unifying your smart devices – all of this paired with a modern billing experience.

The best part? You do all of this with ease. Whether you want to set it and forget it, watch your devices respond in real-time, closely track usage or emissions, or pay your energy bills quickly and easily, our platform delivers it. We’ll help you save money and live or work greener from a single, easy-to-use platform.



Whether you are a business owner complying with regulation or a residential customer looking to slow down climate change, David Energy is the solution for you. We provide real-time reporting on emissions associated with our customers’ energy usage as well as an all-green option to power your home or business.

Our platform is designed to help the grid incorporate the influx of clean energy options out there, which means by simply being our customer you are helping build a cleaner future. And each customer we acquire strengthens our platform, which in turn helps renewable energy grow on the grid, leading to a cleaner grid not just for our customers, but for everyone.

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