Why David Energy?

Take Your Power Back

Energy used to be easy. With power flowing in one direction on the grid, you just got your bill and couldn’t do anything about it. Now, with the proliferation of technologies like solar, storage, and CHP, as well as complex new market signals, there is plenty you can do to not just save on your energy bills, but turn your energy systems into a profit center.

But someone has to make the day to day to decisions on how best to run that system and how to integrate it seamlessly into energy markets in order to optimize your assets. David Energy’s sophisticated machine learning platform makes these day to day decisions for you, taking into account everything from the weather to what’s going on in energy markets, so that you can get the best of both worlds: you save a ton on energy and take control of your usage from the utility without having to worry about it.

Our Philosophy

At David Energy, we believe it’s possible to build a cleaner, cheaper, more resilient electricity grid, while giving control to customers. That means you can lower carbon emissions to halt climate change AND lower your energy bills AND lose power less frequently AND have more control over how and when you use your power, as well as where it comes from. We’re entering an unprecedented era on the electricity grid, and we work with you to make all four of these things happen at once.

Our Platform

Our tech platform is one of its kind. You may find a platform that helps run your building more efficiently and report vital sustainability data, another that helps manage your bills electronically, or others that connect with batteries and solar, but not one that does it all. Mycor is the energy operating system for all of your energy needs, delivering real time optimization as well as actionable insights over time to help you save money and hit sustainability targets.



At both the local, such as with local laws 95 and 97 in NYC, and federal level, new sustainability laws are being passed that are forcing building owners to comply with harsh carbon emission regulations. Instead of viewing this as a headache to deal with, at David Energy we see it as a massive opportunity. Clean energy technologies are getting cheaper than traditional grid technologies while being software enabled, meaning we can help you solve your sustainability woes while saving you money and giving you more control over your energy bills.

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