It’s not only
better for the planet.
It’s just better.

We’re empowering customers to build a cleaner, cheaper and more resilient energy grid by working with the planet rather than against it.

How we think about energy

We’re entering an energy renaissance. A time when the one-way flow of energy from centralized, fossil fuel sources will be replaced by a network of renewable resources all communicating together to intelligently direct energy to where it’s needed and away from where it’s not.

With smart management, a decentralized grid will be more efficient, more reliable, and more powerful than the old model. But this shift requires a new kind of energy company – one that leverages the power of software and integrates with and manages customer devices.

The future is bright

We don’t believe in “conserving” energy. The Earth is teeming with it. We don’t have a shortage of supply, but we do have a shortage of intelligent energy management.

Together we can create a powerful network of integrated energy devices that rapidly adapts to changing needs. A grid that’s better for you and better for the planet.

How we do it better for home
Unlock your smart home's true power with energy plans tailored to maximize the value of your smart thermostats, EVs, batteries and more.
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How we do it better for business

Visibility is power. See and understand operations across your facilities, and rest easy knowing David Energy is managing it all for you.

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Working with David Energy means one less thing to worry about.

We enable visibility into facility operations, save time for operators, and deliver savings. It’s never been easier to have peace of mind.

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Don't settle for your grandparents' grid.

Choose an energy future that’s cheaper, cleaner, and more resilient.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What if the power goes out and I need my backup power?

Your Powerwall is already set up to avoid discharging so you’re protected ahead of forecasted storms, and you can always change your reserve capacity in the app if you want to.

What if I need to charge right away, and don’t have time for optimized EV charging?

Open the David Energy app to override smart charging at any time in just a few clicks, and power up right away.

How much will my battery power sell for?

In a similar pilot program, battery power sold for 95 cents/kWh on average. We don’t dispatch batteries at prices less than 15 cents/kWh, so you’ll always get more for your power than what you could buy from the grid – unlike other programs that aim to get as much power from you as possible.

How often do you dispatch batteries? Can I change how much battery power I sell?

Battery exporting monitors the wholesale market for price spikes that can get you more value for your power. You’ll likely see dispatching on ~10% of days, and more frequently in the summer. If you want to sell less of your power, just change your reserve capacity settings in your Tesla app.

Am I still in control of my devices?

Absolutely. Other battery and EV programs offer fixed credits for your power (while they keep the wholesale upside), and rescind them if you need to opt out. With us, you’re always in control – just visit your David Energy portal if you need to pause battery exporting or smart charging for any reason. Your plan may require you to have a device actively connected, but participation in the program is up to you.

How do I connect my battery or EV?

Once you sign up, download the David Energy app to connect. Devices are linked via our secure portal, and set up takes just minutes to complete.

What does David Energy do?

David Energy is a modern retail energy provider. Like legacy retail energy providers, we sell residential and commercial customers electricity. In addition to energy, we enable customers to benefit from lucrative energy market programs such as demand response, capacity tag management, demand charge management, and arbitrage through our software. We integrate with and manage a range of devices including thermostats, batteries, electric vehicles (EVs), generators and more to deliver customers these benefits with no effort from them.

Are you an energy broker or consultant?

No, we are not an energy broker nor a consultant - we are an all-in-one energy provider. Not only do we offer competitive energy supply rates without a broker's fee, we also deliver the value of energy efficiency consultants, utility bill management software, demand response providers, and an energy management system all wrapped up in one product.

What does David Energy's software platform do?

Our software integrates with a range of smart devices like thermostats, batteries, and electric vehicles and automatically manages them through a proprietary dispatching algorithm that responds to real-time grid conditions. Our algorithm incorporates customer comfort preferences so it never gets too cold or too hot. We bundle that with features including billing, monitoring and alerting for businesses, and device management to deliver visibility, control, and peace of mind.

How does David Energy save me money?

We save customers money by enabling them to participate in lucrative energy market programs typically only available to larger, sophisticated commercial customers. Through our device integrations, we automate customer participation in demand response, capacity tag management, and other grid programs. Those programs offer compensation in exchange for the benefits delivered to the grid, and David Energy passes the majority of those savings onto the customer.

What kinds of smart devices is David Energy able to integrate with?

Today, we are integrated with most major thermostat brands, including Honeywell, Ecobee, Sensibo, and Nest.

What if I don't have a smart thermostat or other smart devices?

Not to worry! If you are a business owner, we are happy to help you upgrade your facilities, either with our in-house team or by referral to one of our trusted partners, depending on your needs. Check out our solutions For Business to learn more.

I'm currently under a supply contract, can I work with David Energy?

It depends! If you are a residential customer, David Energy will require you to terminate your existing supply contract, which typically requires payment of an early termination fee. Check your existing contract to see if such a fee applies. Alternatively, you can sign up with David Energy for a start date that falls after the expiration of your current supply contracted term. If you are a commercial customer, we are generally happy to work with you if you plan to sign a supply contract with us upon expiration of your current supply contract. Some exceptions may apply, so please reach out to if you would like to discuss further.

What states are you active in?

We are active in New York, New Jersey, and Texas today. We plan to expand to other states in the future, so if we're not in your area yet, keep an eye out!

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