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A win for you and your customers. Enhance your bottom line with David Energy by delivering savings and lowering your customers’ bills
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A modern energy supplier for modern customer demands

As more customers adopt DERS and smart devices, be prepared to meet their needs with tailor- made solutions from a supplier with device management capabilities.

Help customers navigate energy markets

Our automated device management helps protect your customers from energy market volatility with no effort from them.

Tools to save money and the planet

Our software reduces usage at the most expensive and dirtiest times, helping your customers achieve their sustainability goals while saving money.

Working with us means getting ahead of the energy curve with offerings that accommodate your most forward-thinking customers.


Help your customers understand and pay their bills on time, manage multi-location billing, and take advantage of our innovative on-bill financing solutions.

Device management for the modern customer

We enable you to meet the needs of your most advanced customers. Our automated device management means customers with smart thermostats, solar + storage, generators, and more can benefit from lucrative energy market programs.

Seamless integration with your devices

We automatically manage your smart devices to reduce costs and ensure you have the power you need, when you need it.
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Working with David Energy means one less thing to worry about.
Working with David Energy means one less thing to worry about.

We enable visibility into facility operations, save time for operators, and deliver savings. It’s never been easier to have peace of mind.

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