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Smarter power for stronger returns.

As a software-enabled retail energy supplier, we make your projects more valuable, easier to finance, and more compelling to customers.
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More value for the customer, more value for your projects

Our powerful retail energy and software combo enriches the value of your projects for you and the customer unlike any other partner - it's a win win win!

Help customers keep the lights on

We enable your projects to protect customers from outages when they need it, and generate savings when they don't.

Build a better energy future

Together we can build a grid that's cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient.

David Energy helps you deliver more value. We bring together energy supply and software to reduce complexity for you and your customers while increasing the profitability of your assets.

Powerful software

We simplify the number of Demand Response, EMS, and other partners you need to work with to deliver value to your customers.

Smart device management

Seamlessly generate value from your your deployed assets, building loyalty with your customers and juicing project returns.

Consolidated billing

Our software offers seamless on-bill financing, reducing complexity for the customer and for you.

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Seamless integration with your devices

We automatically manage your smart devices to reduce costs and ensure you have the power you need, when you need it.
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