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Regulatory Expertise

As cities around the country implement ambitious yet complex sustainability policies, such as the Climate Mobilization Act in NYC, our team of energy experts can design your energy systems with the precise mix of steps needed to guarantee regulatory compliance.

Local Law 95

Local Law 95, previously known as Local Law 33, is a new law that requires buildings larger than 25,000 sqft to publicly display their energy efficiency grade at their main exterior door. EPA’s Portfolio Manager will be used to calculate a building’s energy performance and a grade will be assigned based on its Energy Star score. Buildings will receive the letter grades A, B, C, or D based on their scores. David Energy can help raise these grades significantly, to help owners avoid tenants who are unhappy with low building scores.

Local Law 97

Local Law 97 puts a limit on the amount of GHG emissions a building can have and penalizes buildings with heavy fines that fail to comply by 2024. It covers all buildings in NYC that are larger than 25,000 sqft. David Energy’s platform starts by analyzing and tracking current emissions to help prepare owners for the deadline. David Energy’s system will help owners stay compliant and avoid heavy fines by delivering actionable, data-driven insights.

We're here to help with actionable insights

By tracking utility and emissions data, Mycor learns and helps us come up with ways to implement changes. From using HVAC and lighting controls to lower consumption, to installing Distributed Energy Resources or buying community solar and RECs, David Energy’s team can find the best ways to raise energy star building grades and stay compliant with emissions targets.

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