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Mycor, the Energy Operating System that does it all

One Platform to Manage Everything

David Energy is the first electricity provider to use one unified software platform for all your building’s energy needs. Mycor ensures efficient energy consumption, transparent billing, low risk and cost energy supply contracts, local law compliance, and participates in demand response programs. It’s an all in one Energy Operating System that is easy-to-use, transparent, and gives you control over your energy bills.

Portfolio Level Analysis

Mycor analyzes data from each building in your portfolio and extracts the key information that you care most about. From cost and savings analysis to hitting sustainability targets, mycor is the central location that tells you what you should know about energy across your portfolio. We can use this information to pull in partner companies and create a plan of action to keep up with new sustainability laws and to find ways to cut operational expenses.

Demand Side Management

Mycor coordinates demand side resources such as your HVAC and lighting system with local energy markets and incentive programs to make sure you are spending the least amount possible on your energy bills. Mycor is a powerful tool for building engineers to change building system setpoints in real-time based on weather and energy market conditions, while providing alarms or automatic response to manage demand charges (peak-shaving) and demand response events. David Energy is both an aggregator in territories like Con Edison and a Real Time Energy Manager for NYSERDA.

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Distributed Energy Resources and Microgrid Management

David Energy is the first electricity provider capable of connecting Distributed Energy Resources like battery storage, solar, and natural gas generators with local and wholesale power markets with our own proprietary software platform. Mycor analyzes the full potential value stack of DERs the day ahead using machine learning–from arbitrage and demand response to ancillary services like frequency regulation–and creates an automated dispatching schedule to ensure your energy resources are being optimized to their full potential. We can leverage DERs into markets like no other energy provider can, protecting you from market volatility while delivering maximum savings.

Mycor Benefits

Ease of use

Mycor allows you to manage your building’s entire energy system in one simple, transparent software platform

Save energy, save money

Mycor enables you to reduce your energy bills without spending a dime upfront

Optimize DERs

Mycor specializes in coordinating Distributed Energy Resources like solar and battery storage with local power markets

Real-time data through the user-friendly interface is the biggest benefit.

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