Our Philosophy

Let’s create a cheaper, cleaner, more resilient electricity grid, and give control to customers.

Traditionally, electricity has been generated at large, centralized plants that are powered by fossil fuels. Companies called Retail Electricity Providers buy electricity from these plants in markets for their customers.

REPs then ship the power on wires owned by utilities, but REPs are who you get your bill for energy from.

Retail providers are important because prices can go up and down on the electricity grid, but they manage this so that customers just pay a fixed price and don't have to worry about seasonal fluctuations.

But things are changing. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are new software enabled technologies like solar, battery storage, smart thermostats, and backup generators that allow customers to respond dynamically to grid events and sometimes even sell power into the grid.

We don't need to ship this energy over long distances on costly wires to get it to end users. This means that DERs can lower carbon emissions, slash costs, and keep their lights on when there's a grid blackout. Most importantly, it gives them control.

Traditional REPs are having a hard time catering to customers in a changing energy landscape, so David Energy is pioneering a new way of providing electricity, to your benefit:

  • We provide our customers with transparency and control over their energy bills.

  • Our software driven approach cuts costs while simplifying your energy management process.

  • Unlike other suppliers, with our Shared Savings contract, we share the rewards with you while still protecting your downside.

  • We leverage your on-site energy assets into power markets and demand response programs to save and sometimes make you money.

  • We have partners that can design, finance and install DERs according to a building’s unique needs.

  • Join the Future of Energy