It’s not only
better for the planet.
It’s just better.

We’re empowering customers to build a cleaner, cheaper and more resilient energy grid by working with the planet rather than against it.

How we think about energy

We’re entering an energy renaissance. A time when the one-way flow of energy from centralized, fossil fuel sources will be replaced by a network of renewable resources all communicating together to intelligently direct energy to where it’s needed and away from where it’s not.

With smart management, a decentralized grid will be more efficient, more reliable, and more powerful than the old model. But this shift requires a new kind of energy company – one that leverages the power of software and integrates with and manages customer devices.

The future is bright

We don’t believe in “conserving” energy. The Earth is teeming with it. We don’t have a shortage of supply, but we do have a shortage of intelligent energy management.

Together we can create a powerful network of integrated energy devices that rapidly adapts to changing needs. A grid that’s better for you and better for the planet.

How we do it better for Home

How we do it better for Business

For Business
For Business
For Home
For Home

Working with David Energy means one less thing to worry about.

We enable visibility into facility operations, save time for operators, and deliver savings. It’s never been easier to have peace of mind.

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