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It's all about the bundle

Demand Management

Are your smart devices working for you? Whether you have a smart thermostat or a fully electrified home or business, David Energy’s software seamlessly integrates with your devices to ensure you save money. The best part? We do the hard work for you – so you can save with ease.

A new kind of power company

We bundle competitive, market-rate power with our software platform, helping you save on your monthly energy bill. You choose the power supply option that works for you while reaping the benefits of monthly savings from our software’s device management capabilities. Simply put, we do it all.

The brains behind it all

Our software platform integrates with smart thermostats, BMS systems, batteries, generators, and more—and enables them to react in real-time, giving you ultimate control without the hassle. Whether you want to set it and forget it, closely track each device’s performance, or gain insight into your energy usage, our software makes it happen.

We're in it together

At David Energy, we believe in aligning incentives with the customer – when you save, we win. We make this a reality through our Shared Savings model, which incentivizes us to maximize savings for you. We aren’t like those other guys who say they care about their customers then hand them a steep bill every month. At David Energy, we put our money where our mouth is.

What devices do we integrate with?

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a simple, low-cost way to start saving on your energy bill.


Solar is the easiest way to save money and meet sustainability goals. And if you don’t have roofspace, you can still benefit by signing up for local community solar.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Use existing EV charging infrastructure in buildings to shift peak charging times and avoid high demand charges.

Battery Storage

Battery storage can be used for a range of demand management services while storing cheap power for use during times when energy prices are high.

Backup Generators

Use backup generators to increase resiliency in a building while capitalizing on ancillary energy services markets.

HVAC/BMS Controls

Save money and meet sustainability goals by lowering building energy consumption through optimizing the HVAC system.