Services for Every Energy Need

The name of our game is optimization

Demand response

Developers, take note. We take a lower percentage of revenue sharing while our robust reporting tool help keep track of your portfolio and the performance of your assets. Our software ensures optimal dispatching to keep things running smoothly. Plus, we offer offtake and fixed supply for both behind and front of meter projects.

A modern electricity supplier

Simply put, we do it all. Our software manages demand and capacity tags, helping to save up to 10% on your energy bill. Our robust reporting and tracking gives you valuable insight into your usage and billing. And we’ll beat any rate from other suppliers with our innovative Shared Savings contract.

The tech behind it all

Our Mycor platform integrates with your BMS systems, batteries, generators, and more—and controls them in real time, giving you the ultimate control over your energy usage. Track your energy assets, pull analytics, set up event schedules, and do it all in one, easy-to-read place. And it’s all facilitated by our in-house automation team, who works directly with you to set up integration and controls.

How we save you money

It all comes down to our powerful technology. It works smarter and automatically, letting us use the energy market to our advantage. That means you get more for your money and an energy bill that won’t shock you at the end of every month. We predict moments of peak usage adjust setpoints when energy market prices are high to avoid buying during peak price events, all while integrate any and all ancillary services to help mitigate demand. We do things differently here—and we like to think we do them a lot better.

We maximize ROI for the following types of DERs

Industrial Sites

Commercial Buildings


Multi-family Residential


We maximize ROI for the following types of DERs


Installing rooftop solar is the easiest way to save money and meet sustainability goals. If you don’t have much roofspace, you can still benefit from local community solar.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

With CHP technology, buildings can burn natural gas to create electricity and use the waste heat for their central heating and cooling system. Combining heating and power into one technology increases efficiency, lowers emissions, and provides savings.

Battery Storage

Battery storage can be used to manage demand, participate in demand response programs, and store cheap power to use during times when it’s more expensive.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Use existing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in buildings to shift peak charging times and avoid high demand charges.

Backup Generators

Use backup generators to increase resiliency in a building while capitalizing on ancillary energy services markets.

Fuel Cells

Use fuel cells to increase the resiliency of a building while capitalizing on ancillary energy services markets.

HVAC/BMS Control and Nests

Save money and meet sustainability goals by lowering building energy consumption through optimizing the HVAC system.