Cleantech startup David Energy scores $19 million to transform the aging power sector and make way for a surge of clean energy

Benji Jones, Business Insider

Cleantech firm David Energy, a startup trying to redefine the power business, has raised $19.1 million in new financing, the company announced Tuesday. The funding includes seed capital from a few small VC firms and a credit line from the commodity trading firm Hartree Partners.

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New York’s David Energy has raised $4.1 million to ‘build the Standard Oil of renewable energy’

Jonathan Shieber, Tech Crunch

“We intend to build the Standard Oil of renewable energy,” said James McGinniss, the co-founder and chief executive of David Energy, in a statement announcing the company’s new $19 million seed round of debt and equity funding. McGinniss’ company is aiming to boost renewable energy adoption and slash energy usage in the built environment by creating a service that operates on both sides of the energy marketplace.

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David Energy Secures $19 Million In New Financing To Launch A New Kind of Electricity Supplier

David Energy

David Energy, a new kind of electricity supplier, today announced the close of $19 million in new financing. The new capital includes a $4.1M Seed round led by Equal Ventures and a $15 million working capital facility from Hartree Partners, a global merchant commodities firm specializing in energy and its associate industries. Additional seed investors include Operator Partners, Box Group, Greycroft, Sandeep Jain and Xuan Yong of RigUp, returning angel investor Kiran Bhatraju of Arcadia, and Jason Jacobs’ recently launched MCJ Collective, an early-stage climate tech fund.

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David Energy Announces $19M To Store And Deploy Power

Sophia Kunthara, Crunchbase News

Electricity supplier David Energy announced $19 million in funding Tuesday, which included a $4.1 million seed round and an additional $15 million in capital.

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Forbes 30 Under 30 2021: Energy ‘Powering a more sustainable future’


David Energy CEO, James McGinniss is profiled on Forbes 30 Under 30 2021: Energy

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Midtown Skyscraper Showcases Real Estate Family’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency


The history of New York City’s skyline is one of fortitude, finance and family. Building and managing buildings in what has been the world’s most competitive property market for over a century takes hard work, ingenuity, and a longterm mentality. Because of this we there are a number of family businesses that have been able to create fortunes by building, buying and renovating buildings in ways that would not pencil out for investors looking for easy money or quick gains. One of the reasons for the success of these families is that they are able to make large investments in infrastructure that help their portfolios stay on the cutting edge of the industry. These investments require an upfront cost that would overrun many company’s capital expenditure budgets. These companies know that, just as these buildings will be an important part of New York City’s infrastructure for the foreseeable future, these assets will remain a valuable part of a portfolio for a long time and thus deserve the kind of future-proofing that will keep their top tier status in the market for generations to come. One of these families is the Resnick’s.

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