About Us

About David Energy

Our team combines the best of energy and software with decades of expertise in engineering and sustainability, and we are intent on bringing modern, tech-enabled solutions to the opaque and commoditized energy industry. So whether you are a customer, a partner, or developer, we are here to deliver best-in-class solutions for your energy needs.

Our Story

David Energy was founded on the belief that we are at the dawn of a transformational period on the electricity grid. Over the next 40 years, the grid will shift from centralized, fossil fuel-based, analog power plants to distributed, cleaner, software-enabled energy generating resources. With this shift, we will gradually move away from the one-way flows of power to a network of energy nodes all communicating with each other. This transformation requires a new kind of energy provider – specifically, one that understands the transformational power of software.

What We Do

We take a holistic approach to our customers’ energy needs, offering them energy supply and bundling it with our software platform so that their energy use becomes transparent and easy to engage with. From integrating with your distributed energy resources such as smart thermostats, solar, battery storage, and more, to providing insights to offering a modern, seamless billing experience, David Energy does it all – we’re a new kind of power company.

Who We Serve

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, small business owner, or manage a large commercial or industrial site, we want to work with you. Our software-drive approach benefits all our customers – regardless of whether you are optimizing for savings, control, transparency, or all of the above.

Our Team

James McGinniss

CEO & Co-Founder

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Ahmed Salman

CTO & Co-Founder

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Chaitu Parikh

Head of Retail

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Lena Desmond

Regulatory & Compliance Counsel

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Abhishek Mandhana

VP of Supply

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Ece Ersoz

Director of Sustainability

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