Take Back Your Power

Stand up to ConEd's skyrocketing energy prices by switching to David Energy. Save money, seamlessly manage your smart devices, and clean up the grid - all from one modern platform.

We Do It Differently

When was the last time ConEd paid you? Energy markets are changing but ConEd isn't - that's where we come in.  David Energy pays you hundreds of dollars a year by occasionally reducing your usage while eliminating the need for dirty, expensive power from the grid.

What We Deliver

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    Smarts & Savings  

    Replace ConEd with a modern, tech-forward energy company - so you can get smart and save.

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    Data & Insights 

    See and understand data across all your devices on our intuitive, user-friendly platform.

  • 3

    Seamless Billing 

    Pay your monthly bill with the click of a button - no more PDFs or writing checks to ConEd.

  • 4

    Green Power

    Buy clean energy, understand your emissions, and clean up the grid by reducing usage when power is dirtiest.

How We Do It

Our powerful software platform intelligently manages your smart devices based on real-time changes in energy markets, with no extra work from you. We leverage APIs to connect to and optimize how your devices work together – so you can live smarter and cleaner, effortlessly.

Joining Is Easy

Connect your utility

Sharing your utility details helps us understand your energy usage and provide a seamless billing experience.

Enroll your devices

Granting access to your devices allows us to manage them in real-time, saving you money and reducing stress on the grid.

Choose your plan

Manage your devices, go green, and get smart with our bundled energy and software product - we have it all.

Get paid to save

Whether you want to set it and forget it or watch your devices respond in real-time, we'll deliver you savings and a smaller carbon footprint, every time.

Get paid this summer. Enroll before May 1.

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