This is How We Do Energy

Our products are designed for transparency and savings

Shared savings plan

When we talk about shaking up the industry, this is what we mean. Our Shared Savings contract is unheard of in the industry. This is transparent pricing that is truly us partnering with our customers. We cap costs and take the risk, but still share the rewards.

Our other products

The industry has done it the same way since the beginning. That’s where we come in. We had a different vision for how an energy provider should be. For how the industry should serve its customers. Our product structures are always designed so you can take control and get the energy service you need. We're licensed to serve in NE-ISO, NYISO, PJM, and soon to be ERCOT.


If you're willing to take more risk for more reward, choose our Indexed product. You expose yourself to the whims of the market, but still get our sophisticated algorithms to adjust demand at the right times.

Fixed Price

If you’re looking for a bit more certainty and would rather not take any risk, we offer a classic Fixed Price contract that still saves you money compared to other energy suppliers.

Fixed Supply and Float Capacity

If you want total customization of your energy bill, this is the product for you. We can pass through or fix whatever parts of your bill you want. If you can think of a structure, we can offer it.

Fixed offtake contracts

We’re a supplier that will actually buy your power. With our offtake contracts, you’re able to hedge your supply to make front of the meter projects more bankable. They help reduce your exposure to LBPM and capacity tags and help factor in forward arbitrage or capacity contributions for solar and storage projects.

Smarter tech for better results

The Mycor platform collects live data, adjusting your usage according to market rates and sends signals to your on-site energy assets. It works smarter, so you know you’re always getting the most out of your energy.