Build the Future of Decentralized Energy

Maximize your mining profits with David Energy. Mine when it’s profitable, save when it’s not, and help the grid become more resilient - all from one modern platform

We Do It Differently

As energy prices rise and market volatility grows, your profits depend on the ability to respond to real-time market signals - so you can mine when energy prices are low and shut down when they are not. David Energy enables this through smart integrations directly to your mines and an intuitive software platform that delivers you savings, insights and control, no matter the grid conditions.

What We Deliver

  • 1


    See and understand data across all your assets on our seamless, intuitive software platform.

  • 2

    Reduced Costs

    Our platform improves your profits by ensuring you operate only when energy prices are below your mine’s breakeven.

  • 3


    We bundle our software platform with a power contract - so you never have to think twice about where your energy is coming from.

  • 4

    Seamless Billing

    Eliminate back-office complexity with our modern, consolidated billing platform.

How We Do It

Our powerful software platform intelligently manages your mining equipment based on real-time changes in energy markets at no additional cost to you. We leverage APIs to connect to and optimize how you engage with energy markets – so you can work more efficiently and cost effectively.

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