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David Energy for Business

The energy industry is changing and your business deserves to be at the forefront. Whether your business has 2 locations or 20, David Energy offers market-rate power bundled with our user-friendly software platform to enable your smart devices to save you money.

David Energy for Residential

Stand up to ConEd’s skyrocketing energy prices by switching to David Energy. With us, you get clean power bundled with a user-friendly software platform that enables your smart devices to react to real-time energy markets, saving you money and the planet.

David Energy for Crypto Miners

Maximize your mining profits with David Energy. Mine when it’s profitable, save when it’s not, and help the grid become more resilient – all from one modern platform.

David Energy for Large C&I

Are you an energy or building manager for a large commercial or industrial site? With David Energy, you get access to tailored power contracts, automated smart asset management, and a powerful user-facing platform to understand insights on your usage, spend, and emissions. 

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