November 3, 2022

Naya Restaurants: How visibility enables better decision-making

As a partner to many multi-location businesses across the fitness, retail and restaurant verticals, David Energy understands what matters to owners and operators: delivering a high quality customer experience and cultivating and retaining high performing teams. Delivering on those priorities requires operations to be running smoothly and at the lowest possible cost across locations — a big task that requires time and money to accomplish. But for busy operators with more important priorities, it often doesn’t make sense to tackle projects like upgrading thermostats, setting schedules and monitoring them, auditing facility energy usage, and more. Unfortunately, letting those little projects stack up can cause major inefficiencies and higher costs.

It’s tough to manage something you can’t measure

David Energy’s customer Naya Restaurants, a fast-growing multi-location restaurant in New York, were missing these very tools. Naya’s core challenge? They had no understanding of facility operations across their locations – no insight into how restaurants were using energy, how onsite equipment was running, and whether operating procedures were successfully managing costs.

As a result, Naya’s COO didn’t know what was driving their monthly energy usage and corresponding spend, and instead was stuck blindly paying high monthly utility bills. This mattered a lot for Naya, both to manage operating costs and to ensure their operations were doing good for the planet – something the company cares deeply about.

Unlocking visibility means unlocking better decisions

To manage their operating costs and achieve sustainability goals, Naya first needed visibility into their facilities’ operations. David Energy’s software integrated with Naya’s smart thermostats (which we installed at no out-of-pocket cost) and provided a consolidated view into facility operations across their restaurants – Naya could centrally manage thermostats, identify issues with HVAC equipment, and learn how their operations impacted energy usage, all via our platform.

For the first time, Naya actually understood how their operations impacted monthly energy spend and the sustainability of their restaurants. The best part, by working with David Energy, Naya was empowered to act on this visibility. Our software reduced Naya’s energy usage at the most expensive and carbon-intensive times on the grid, saving them money and reducing their emissions in one go.

With this visibility, Naya has peace-of-mind that all locations are running free of interruption at the lowest possible cost, and a better understanding of how those operations impact the environment. With this visibility, the team can focus on making more important operating decisions, creating a better experience for Naya’s customers and for the planet.

Want to learn more?

Amazing NYC restaurant brands including Naya, JuicePress and more are gaining greater visibility into their operations while reducing and controlling their energy costs. If you want to learn more about how your restaurants can take advantage of this, reach out to us or check out our solutions For Business – we would love to hear from you.