September 30, 2023

Naya creates operational efficiencies on autopilot

Learn how David Energy gave this multi-location food brand deep insights into its energy costs and operating procedures, so that it could get all its locations running efficiently.

Naya at a glance

  • NAYA is a rapidly growing fast casual chain with 19 locations in NY, CT, PA and NJ providing fresh and nutritious Middle Eastern cuisine
  • As NAYA expanded it had little visibility into energy usage and there were usage inefficiencies across its sites
  • David Energy provided its software platform to give insights into operations and ensure energy was being used efficiently. It also moved NAYA from the incumbent electricity supplier and advised on smart procurement.

About Naya

NAYA Middle Eastern Counter and Grill operates 19 locations around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, with another 4 due to open shortly. Its mission is to provide authentic, fresh, and nutritious Middle Eastern meals that look great and taste amazing. NAYA opened its first location in New York City in 2008. Since then it has steadily expanded by building on its reputation for delicious, irresistible Middle Eastern flavors, which draw long lines during the busy NYC lunch hour.

Naya was flying blind when it came to energy

The team at NAYA was focused on making and serving excellent food on a daily basis while expanding their store footprint, not optimizing their facilities and managing their energy costs. Lower-level but absolutely critical functions, like upgrading thermostats, setting and monitoring heating and cooling schedules, and auditing facility energy usage, naturally got deprioritized as they focused on the core challenges in their rapidly expanding business.

As a result, Naya had no understanding of how their portfolio of locations adhered to operating procedures – no insight into how their restaurants were using energy, how onsite equipment like HVAC was performing, whether their standard operating procedures were being followed by store managers, or whether their operations were best configured to manage their energy costs. Taken together, NAYA was paying a monthly energy bill full of charges that it did not understand and was not controlling.

David Energy provided deep insights into energy usage

The critical first step towards efficient energy management was giving Naya deep visibility into their locations’ operations, which they accomplished in partnership with David Energy. Our software integrated with Naya’s smart thermostats to provide a consolidated view into operations across their restaurants. From our platform, Naya could centrally manage their thermostats, identify issues with HVAC equipment, and learn how their operations impacted energy usage. We also provided them with a detailed insights report outlining areas of low-hanging fruit that could improve efficiency and lower their consumption.

Naya gets peace of mind about its operations

For the first time, Naya was able to understand how their operations impacted monthly energy spend, and, most importantly, they were empowered with the tools to make better decisions about how their facilities operate and use energy. Now, Naya has peace of mind that all their locations are running free of interruption and at the lowest possible cost. With David Energy acting as their trusted energy advisor, their team can focus on what matters most — running and growing their business.

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