April 11, 2024

Maximizing your solar power profit with battery exporting

How your battery lets you make the most of the wholesale energy market

Energy is changing. Gone are the days of restrictive energy options, with no choice but to buy power generated by big plants, at prices determined by energy companies. With the advent of DERs (distributed energy resources) like batteries and solar, homeowners can now make their own power, and even contribute back to the grid.

In Texas, the solar landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Thousands of new systems come online each year, meaning solar exports aren’t as valuable as they once were as abundant solar floods the grid with excess power at peak exporting times.

But when the sun starts to set in the late afternoons, that abundant solar declines – and the value of power in the wholesale market increases, often with dramatic price spikes. This means the spotlight is now on timing: Finding the right times to contribute to the grid is critical to getting more value from your system.

The power of dispatchability

Batteries are an incredible asset when it comes to value for your power. Exporting solar power alone offers limited flexibility: The amount you sell back varies based on your home’s consumption, and the price varies in the wholesale market. But with a battery in your arsenal, you're no longer at the mercy of the circumstances of solar. Storing your power means you gain the power to dictate when to release energy into the market.

Playing the market smart

So when is the optimal time to send power back? It all depends on the wholesale market and its fluctuations each day (to read more on wholesale energy, check out this blog).

With battery exporting, your battery collaborates with David Energy’s smart tech to determine when you can make the most for your power: In the winter, lower spikes can still net a nice profit – but in the summer, we’ll want to hold out for super-high prices to get the most for your power. By aligning your exports with peak energy prices, you're not just selling power; you're capitalizing on its maximum value.

More value for less variability

Most people want simple things from their energy: Convenience, low costs, and predictability. Battery exporting is designed to deliver all three. Unlike other battery programs that offer you a set credit each month and dispatch frequently to squeeze every drop of profit from your battery, our battery exporting program gives you the profits directly and calculates when you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

This means exporting on only ~10% of days, when price spikes can deliver the most value. The rest of the time, you’ll use your battery exactly as you’ve already been doing – delivering more value for you, and more consistency for your home.

In energy, timing is everything. When your home is empowered by battery exporting, you're not just a homeowner with solar — you’re an energy entrepreneur, poised to capitalize on every market fluctuation to make the absolute most of your system.

If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your energy investment, enable battery exporting today and make the most of every kilowatt-hour.

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