December 7, 2023

Juice Press discovers the key to smart energy management

David Energy helped the chain of organic stores to get value out of its investment in thermostats and access energy market programs normally reserved for big commercial customers.

Juice Press at a glance

  • Juice Press has 18 retail stores in New York City and over 80 nationwide, having undergone rapid growth as demand for its fresh and organic products has skyrocketed. 
  • An initial pilot of smart thermostats was disappointing as standard operating procedures were still not being followed and manual intervention by facilities management was still required. 
  • David Energy enabled JuicePress to automate thermostat management across 18 stores and take advantage of energy market programs normally reserved for large commercial customers.

About Juice Press

Juice Press was founded in 2010 with the goal of bringing customers a variety of fresh, nutrient dense products on the go. Branching out from its original menu of pressed juices and raw foods it is now the fastest growing USDA-approved organic food and beverage company. Juice Press has over 80 retail stores nationwide with 18 stores in New York City.

Juice Press struggled to scale its energy management practices

Unsurprisingly, rapid growth led to operational and scaling challenges for the business. They struggled to keep energy expenses down and manage temperatures across multiple sites. Although they had facility managers, onsite staff would change thermostat temperatures frequently throughout the day. In summer months, staff members would crank the AC up, leaving it in a permanent hold state as low as 50° F for hours—sometimes days—at a time.

It was imperative to gain more control over onsite operations. They piloted a test to install smart thermostats across a few stores to enable facility managers to remotely adjust and control thermostats whenever employees deviated from their settings. However, this required facility managers to re-adjust settings multiple times a day, every day, to keep up with the constant adjustments. The process became unmanageable and unproductive—and the pilot was discontinued.

David Energy helps put the smarts into thermostats

That’s where David Energy stepped in. Through our partnership, we installed smart thermostats at the remainder of the 18 Juice Press locations. Our initial audit highlighted various trends to overcome, including frequent temperature changes, persistent permanent holds, and lack of schedules, which were all adding to the unnecessary and excessive usage of energy. We implemented new thermostat programming—with business hours and customer comfort in mind. 

Layered with our easy-to-use software, facility managers now had an effective way to remotely manage site operations. Later on, our “auto-resolve” functionality added an extra layer of peace-of-mind by automatically releasing permanent holds and resuming optimal schedules at the close of business each day.

The results?

Juice Press achieved what it originally set out to do—giving facility managers the ability to effectively manage 35+ thermostats across 18 locations remotely. The team no longer worries about excessive energy usage or devices sitting in permanent hold states for days—even weeks—at a time.

In addition, Juice Press was able to make significant energy savings at some of its outlets. 

One location in Williamsburg saw a 6% year-over-year reduction in energy consumption in the 12 months immediately following our integration, or reduction equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 6,620 miles driven by a gas-powered vehicle!

As a David Energy customer, Juice Press is also able to participate in energy rebate programs, like demand response and capacity tag management, which are typically reserved for large commercial customers. Our software automatically curtails energy usage during event periods when the grid is stressed and prices increase. 

Without lifting a finger or impacting customer comfort, Juice Press earned an additional $4,359 through participation in these rebate programs via our software.

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