May 15, 2024

Is David Energy an electricity supplier, or a software company?

Energy is in the midst of a massive leap forward. As clean technologies make headlines and grow in popularity, energy is often one of the first things we think of when we envision a better, more sustainable future. But when it comes to your utility company? Change and innovation often aren’t the first things that come to mind. Despite the pace of technological development, much of the energy industry can feel stuck in the past. It’s time to get up to speed.

That’s where we come in: David Energy is a new kind of energy company, one that combines electricity supply with a modern software platform to manage usage and lower costs. We’re often asked if David is an electricity supplier or a software company. The answer is: we’re both! We’ve brought together both sides of the equation and backed it by a team of experts, to take the heavy lifting of electricity off of businesses while keeping them in control. In this article, we’ll shed some light on what David Energy does, and why a holistic solution is the best energy option for modern businesses. 

David Energy supplies your electricity

You might assume that your business is stuck with the electricity rate offered by your utility company. But in many states, that’s not the case. In deregulated energy markets, businesses like yours can choose who supplies your electricity. That means more available rates, and the option to shop around for the best deal. But electricity rates and contracts can be complex, and when shopping on your own it can be easy to accidentally end up with something that costs you in the long run. 

David Energy exists to provide better rates to businesses like yours. As an energy supplier, David Energy sells electricity directly to you. While your local utility company will continue to deliver electricity to you via their existing grid infrastructure, David Energy will serve as your energy provider. 

More importantly, we offer customized rates based on current market trends. Our team of experts monitor the electricity market, leveraging their expertise to find something that serves the unique profile of your business. Whether it’s flexible terms, index pricing, or something else that fits your needs, David Energy can save you money by finding the right energy contract. 

David Energy helps you manage your electricity usage 

The rate you pay for power is just one half of the electricity equation – your costs are also highly influenced by how much energy you use. And it’s a cost that’s often hidden. Think of it like this: If a pipe burst or a system went down, you’d know immediately how damaging it would be for your operation. But when things are up and running as expected, you might not even realize you’re taking a loss…until that energy bill lands in your mailbox at the end of the month.

Excess electricity consumption can be a significant revenue drain. Energy Star estimates the average business can save 30% on energy bills with low or no-cost actions that improve efficiency. David Energy has tools to make that happen, simply and effortlessly.

Our software solutions tackle the most critical pieces of energy management: Visibility and control. We bring all your locations into a central hub, so you can easily see what's happening across your whole operation. Gone are the days of problem thermostats and surprise usage spikes. At the touch of a button, you'll have full visibility, remote controls and smart cost-reduction features that include:

  • Smart thermostats: Integrations with connected devices like smart thermostats allow you to not only monitor your energy usage, but also control it directly from your David Energy dashboard. We’ll work with you to set preferences that automatically keep temperatures efficient and comfortable, both for your customers and your bottom line. 
  • Auto-resolve: Our auto-resolve feature ensures that temperatures always reset to the appropriate range – even if settings were manually overridden during operating hours. Now, you can avoid that bill that accidentally climbs higher and higher with no one noticing.
  • Bill audits: Think something’s off with your energy bill, but not sure what it is? David Energy can perform bill audits to identify expensive issues like broken meters or “slamming” scams. You’ll be alerted so they can be addressed immediately


David Energy shares its electricity expertise 

Finding the right electricity approach is complicated. Most business owners face a choice between saving money and investing significant time and effort to make an informed choice – and we know that the more time you spend navigating the complexities of energy, the less time you have to spend on what you do best.

Energy is what we do best at David Energy, and we’re here to help you along the way. Signing on with us includes guidance from our team of energy experts, deeply experienced in navigating the market and identifying strategies to save.

From surfacing incentive programs your business qualifies for to watching market trends to know when the right time is to lock in your rates, your dedicated expert is here for both long-term planning and day-to-day support. You can look forward to quick answers when you need them, as well as quarterly reviews of your energy costs, consumptions, and tailored recommendations for savings and efficiency.

Combining all three creates a unique, holistic solution

There are many energy suppliers, advisors, or optimization softwares available to support your business. But those solutions are often fragmented, and their recommendations can even contradict each other. You’re still stuck in the same rut: Agree to a rate, run your business, and try to identify what’s driving costs and where you can save – often still left at the mercy of a bill you don’t see coming at the end of each month.

David Energy offers a holistic approach. By combining electricity supply, management, and expertise, we take the headaches out of energy. With real-time usage insights, automatic scheduling, and remote controls across your locations, you’ll see what influences costs, identify strategies to reduce them, and know you’re doing it all backed by the best rates on the market. 

And you can do it all with the power of the David Energy platform, bringing all things energy under a single roof through our seamless tech – so everything’s at the touch of a button.

Modernizing energy, top to bottom 

What’s enabling us to make energy better for our customers? We rely on a combination of proprietary technology and our unique business model. From market analysis tools to our integrated software solutions, we take a modern approach that enables both cost savings and efficiency – so it’s good for you, it’s good for us, and it’s good for the planet.

Most suppliers’ profit relies on customers using more power. The more you use, the more you pay them – so even with competitive rates, they’re only working on improving one side of your energy equation. Our model focuses instead on generating value for you through software and incentive programs. We win when you win – and we’d like to keep you winning.

Modern businesses like yours succeed through efficiency and innovation. So does ours. David Energy’s focus on energy technology has enabled us to stay on the cutting edge and create proprietary solutions that make real impact. Your company has to compete with giants, and so does ours. But when you’re taking on a goliath, you’ll want a David on your side.

Interested in making the switch to modern energy? Book a meeting with our team here to see how a holistic energy solution can make a difference for your business.

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