How David Energy Helps Buildings Unlock Greater Financial Value

Srikant Subramaniam

David Energy’s mission is to build a cheaper, cleaner, more resilient grid while giving control to customers. As a vertically integrated company in the energy space, one of the ways we create more value for customers is by unlocking greater financial value from building assets.

Through our proprietary energy management platform, Mycor, we are able to provide clients with three distinct streams of value that either avoid energy costs or generate additional revenue.

  1. Demand Charge Management: We manage your electric demand in real-time. The utility charges you for the peak 15 minutes of demand every month, so our system predicts this moment and makes adjustments for small amounts of time. This ensures that your monthly electric costs are kept to the minimum possible without affecting facility operations or tenant comfort.
  2. ICAP Tag Management: Every facility is assigned an annual capacity tag that reflects its demand during the grid-wide system peak. For a large facility, the incurred cost of this tag could be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. We predict these system peaks and lower your demand while the cap tag is being assigned through strategically timed events, leading to a lower supply bill. Our novel shared savings contract allows you to actually recover this value, where that may not be the case if you are locked in with another electricity supplier.
  3. Demand Response: We enable you to participate in ISO and utility-scale demand response programs. When the grid is stressed, grid operators will pay customers directly for lowering their demand during critical hours, which is called “curtailing” demand. David Energy is currently a curtailment service provider in the following service territories:
  • Con Edison
  • PJM
  • NE-ISO

These initiatives have helped our clients lower their energy operating expenditures to the tune of $100,000 and more annually.

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