September 11, 2023

Smart charging for electric vehicles

Pay less to power your EV with optimized charging

Introducing smart charging: A better way to power your EV. When you plug in, the smart algorithm kicks in – ensuring you charge at the best possible times to get the power your EV needs.

Currently available for Tesla. More vehicles coming soon.

A better way to charge – for your wallet, and the planet

Pay less to power your EV: With smart charging, you’ll pay less per kWh to power your EV. Plus, get insights into your charging costs and energy use.

Charge on cleaner, greener energy: The times when prices are low are also when emissions are lowest, so you can power your EV on electricity that’s better for the planet – not dirty fossil fuels.

Simple set up that puts you in control: Set your preferences and wake up every morning to a charged and ready car. That’s it.  

How it works

Smart tech that handles everything for you, finding the best times based on your preferences and needs. Say goodbye to manual schedulers, and hello to effortless savings.

  • While you pay a fixed rate, wholesale prices for energy fluctuate throughout the day. When demand for power is high, like when people get home from work, prices spike.
  • EV charging takes a lot of energy – up to 5 times more power than the rest of your home. Instead of charging anytime it’s plugged in, we can optimize when your car consumes power.
  • Smart charging signals your car to prioritize charging when energy prices are low. We take the money you’ve saved by smart charging and apply it as a discount on your monthly bill – so you can drive more, and pay less.

Get started

It only takes a few minutes to set up smart charging:

  1. Log into your David Energy portal and navigate to “My Devices” on the left hand side.
  2. Connect your EV and select your smart charge settings. Set your finish time to when you want the car to be ready, and set your desired minimum charge. Choose a lower minimum to save more on charging.
  3. That’s it! When you plug your car in, it will automatically recognize the best times to charge. You’ll start seeing smart charging credits on your next bill.

You must be an existing David Energy customer to set up smart charging, and it’s available with any electricity plan – so you don’t have to choose between solar buyback or an EV-friendly plan. Not a customer yet? Enroll today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to depart sooner than usual?
You can override smart charging at any time.

Does smart charging work when I’m away from my home?
Smart charging is only available when you’re plugged in at home. If you have a smart charging schedule set and plug in somewhere else, your car will charge as it normally would.  

How does this work with my car’s existing settings?
Smart charging won’t exceed the maximum charge limit set in your car. If you have a charging schedule set up in another app, we recommend you turn it off to get the most out of your smart charging features.

Is the connection to my car secure?
Absolutely. Your car is connected via end-to-end encryption provided by our partner, Enode. Enode has achieved SOC type II compliance, the gold standard of security.

I pay a fixed rate for energy – with this I could pay something different?
You’re still paying your fixed rate for energy – you’ll never pay more. Because David Energy has access to wholesale pricing for energy, we can pass through the savings from low real-time prices on to you, which will lower the effective rate you pay for charging your EV.

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