May 23, 2023

Smart Energy Savings for Electric Vehicle Owners

Lower bills and lower emissions – just by charging your car.


We’re here to offer energy plans that are as smart as you are. Now, David Energy customers with EVs have the opportunity to earn money back on their energy bill when they charge at home. Earn more – and reduce emissions – by charging smart, when real time prices are low.

Smart energy savings: Earn credit toward your household bill, just for charging your car. This isn’t just another energy rebate program: The power is in your hands. The smarter you charge, the more you earn.

Easy to connect, easy to earn: Connecting takes just a few minutes, and there’s no downside or cost to enroll: Even if you don’t change how you charge in the slightest, you could still earn money back.

Support a greener grid: Good for your wallet – and the planet. Smart charging reduces carbon emissions and decreases stress on the grid (helping to prevent blackouts in your neighborhood).

And if you’re not a David Energy customer yet – you can get started saving by enrolling today.

How it works

Our technology makes the energy markets work for you. Here’s how:

  • Energy prices fluctuate throughout the day, based on supply and demand. When demand for power is high, like after work when people come home and crank the AC up, prices spike.
  • Charging your EV takes a lot of power. Energy contracts mean you pay a fixed rate for power, but the market price for that power changes all the time – and David Energy has the ability to buy it at those varying prices.
  • Earning your EV credit is all about timing. When you charge at the same time that market prices are low, we take those savings – and pass them along to you.

And when you benefit from low prices, the planet benefits, too. The times when energy is expensive are also the times when emissions are highest – because increased stress on the grid means firing up dirty, fossil-fuel burning power plants to meet demand.

Saving money while supporting a greener, more reliable grid? Sounds like a win-win to us.


Ready to get connected?

1. Connect: Log into your David Energy portal & click “My Devices”. You’ll need your username & password for your EV.

2. Charge: Keep using your EV as you normally would – or make the smart choice, and charge when real-time prices are low to earn more. We’ll use your charging and energy usage data to determine your credit.

3. Earn: Each month, we’ll calculate the amount that you’ve earned, and those earnings will appear on your bill as a credit – reducing your overall bill from David Energy.

That’s it. Just a few minutes and you’re on your way to smart EV savings.

Compatible EVs

We support a wide variety of electric vehicles including models from Tesla, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, MINI, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and more.

To see if your car is supported, start the connection process in your David Energy portal.


Are you taking control of my car?
Nope! You’re still in complete control. All connecting your EV does is give us data about when and where you charge, so we can pass the benefits on to you when energy is cheapest and cleanest.

When are prices low?
Generally, the real time price for energy is lowest between 12-5am. This varies, and might change depending on the area you live in – in Texas, prices are often lowest at night because of abundant wind turbines supplying the grid’s power. You can see prices published in real time by ERCOT here.

What kind of home charger do I need to participate?
You can earn credit for any type of charging you do at home. You can maximize your earnings with a level 2 charger because of the shorter time it takes to charge – making it easier to keep your charging within those low-price windows.

What happens if I charge when energy is expensive?
You’ll never pay more for energy than the rate on your David Energy contract. If you need a charge, plug in!

How can I maximize the credit I earn?
Your EV credit is calculated using the charging data from your EV and the real-time price of energy – to earn more money back, use your EV’s app to schedule your car to charge at the times when prices are low.

For full program details, see Terms & Conditions