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Jed Trott

When I first got in the power business 15 years ago, I had no idea that the supplier I choose for my electric had nothing to do with whether or not I had reliable service at my meter.  It’s the utility’s job to make sure I have power at my meter and if I choose a competitive supplier to serve my house or business, it is still the utility that delivers the power to me. This is just one of many things about the power business that is confusing. I have been through the regulatory and rules making process across different regions and times and I can tell you there is not much effort made to make these things clear to the guy paying the bill at the end of the line.

And maybe you don’t care about that: as long as you can get a low fixed rate and you can get reliable service the details of the power market are the least of your concerns. I get that. Running a business is tough enough without worrying about the ins and outs of utility and power system tariffs. The problem is that if you do understand those tariffs there are ways to save money. In many places customers can save over 20% of their costs by shifting usage away from about half a percent of the hours in a year.

That sounds great but figuring out what hours those are and doing the legwork to make sure you can get the savings and they don’t go into someone else pocket is tough. That’s why most people don’t do it. I have spent a lot of time in this industry and what I have seen is that it is only those customers that are using the power equivalent of a large town or small city that have the budget to hire someone to look at this stuff exclusively. That means that most small and medium size businesses just get stuck paying whatever the supplier and the utility decide. No control, no power, no savings.

That is why I decided to join David Energy. I was frustrated year after year, working to get customers savings but seeing that overall the structure remained the same. There is a phrase we use in the rule making process, “Load Pays”. What it means is that whatever changes happen, whatever generator upgrades are necessary, whatever lines are built for whatever reason – you pay. It doesn’t come out of the generators pocket, it doesn’t come out of the utilities pocket, it doesn’t come out of the supplier’s pocket. It comes out of your pocket.

David Energy is doing something about that. We make money by taking it out of the pockets of the generators, the transmission companies and the utilities and putting it back in your pocket. That is how our contract works – we make money when you save money. Save money and take back control. Give David Energy a look.

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